v6.38.7 [bugfix] is released!

تغییرات این نسخه :

!) bridge - fixed BPDU rx/tx when "protocol-mode=none"
!) bridge - reverted bridge BPDU processing back to pre-v6.38 behaviour (v6.40 will have another separate VLAN-aware bridge implementation);
*) ۶to4 - fixed wrong IPv6 "link-local" address generation;
*) arp - fixed "make-static";
*) bonding - do not add bonding interface if "could not set MTU" error is received;
*) console - fixed "/ip neighbor discovery" export;
*) console - fixed unexpected console crash when using variables as functions;
*) console - instead of true/false report yes/no as LCD enabled state;
*) defconf - discard default configuration startup query with configuration change from Webfig;
*) defconf - discard default configuration startup query with RouterOS upgrade;
*) defconf - fixed default configuration generation when wireless package is disabled;
*) defconf - fixed Groove 52 ac band settings;
*) dns - made loading thousands of static entries faster;
*) ethernet - fixed "loop-protect" on "master-port";
*) ethernet - fixed rare switch chip hang (could cause port flapping);
*) fetch - fixed download issue over HTTPS;
*) firewall - do not allow to set "rate" value to 0 for "limit" parameter;
*) firewall - fixed "address-list" entry "creation-time" adjustment to timezone;
*) firewall - fixed "address-list" entry changing from IP to DNS and vice versa;
*) firewall - fixed cosmetic "invalid" flag when item was disabled;
*) ike1 - fixed crash on xauth message;
*) ike2 - allow multiple child SA traffic selectors on re-key;
*) ike2 - fixed last EAP authentication payload type;
*) ike2 - fixed policy release during SA negotiation;
*) ike2 - fixed RSA authentication without EAP;
*) ike2 - fixed situation when traffic selector prefix was parsed incorrectly;
*) ipsec - do not deduct policy src/dst address for tunnel policies;
*) ipsec - fixed generated policy priority;
*) ipsec - fixed peer "my-id" address reset;
*) ipv6 - fixed address becoming invalid when interface was removed from bridge/mesh;
*) led - fixed turning off LED when interface is lost;
*) log - added missing "license limit exceeded" log entry;
*) log - work on false CPU/RAM overclocked alarms;
*) netinstall - fixed typos in Netinstall status messages;
*) ntp - restart NTP client when it is stuck in error state;
*) ppp - fixed IPv6 address receiving on PPP interface;
*) pppoe - added warning on PPPoE client/server, if it is configured on slave interface;
*) pppoe-server - fixed "one-session-per-host" issue where 2 simultaneous sessions were possible from the same host;
*) queue - fixed queuing when at least one child queue has "default-small" and other/s is/are different (introduced in 6.35);
*) quickset - fixed LTE "signal-strength" graphs;
*) smb - fixed share path on devices with "/flash" directory;
*) sniffer - fixed VLAN tags when sniffing all interfaces;
*) snmp - added fan-speed OIDs in "/system health print oid";
*) snmp - fixed limited walk;
*) switch - fixed disabling of MAC learning on CRS1xx/CRS2xx;
*) tile - fixed EoIP keepalive when tunnel is made over VLAN interface;
*) traffic-flow - fixed IPFIX IPv6 data reporting;
*) upnp - fixed firewall NAT rule update when external IP address changes;
*) userman - allow "name-for-user" to be empty and not unique;
*) userman - fixed rare GUI crash when User Manager files are not accessible;
*) webfig - allow to enter frequency ranges in wireless "scan-list"
*) webfig - allow to select "default-encryption" profile on PPP tunnels;
*) webfig - correctly specify routing filter prefix;
*) webfig - do not allow to reorder items if table is sorted by some column;
*) webfig - fixed "last-link-up" & "last-link-down" time information;
*) webfig - fixed Bridge Filter properties display when there are more than one Filter available;
*) webfig - show all available options under "Advanced Mode" for wireless interfaces;
*) winbox - added "Flush" button under "unicast-fdb" menu;
*) winbox - added "memory-scroll", "filter-cpu", "filter-ipv6-address", "filter-operation-between-entries" Sniffer parameters;
*) winbox - added "protected-routerboard" parameters under RouterBOARD settings menu;
*) winbox - allow shorten bytes to k,M,G in firewall "connection-bytes" and "connection-rates";
*) winbox - do not allow Packet Sniffer "memory-limit" and "file-limit" lower than 10KiB;
*) winbox - do not allow to open multiple same sub-menus at the same time;
*) winbox - do not show "dpd-max-failures" on IKEv2;
*) winbox - do not start Traffic Generator automatically when opening "Quick Start";
*) winbox - fixed "Montly" typo to "Monthly" in Graphing menu;
*) winbox - fixed firewall port selection with Winbox v2;
*) winbox - fixed IPSec "mode-config" DNS settings;
*) winbox - fixed issue when working IPSec policies were shown as invalid;
*) winbox - fixed switch ACL Policer statistics;
*) winbox - fixed typo in BGP advertisements menu Aggragator->Aggregator;
*) winbox - hide "wps-mode" & "security-profile" in wireless nv2 mode;
*) winbox - properly show "dhcp-server" warnings;
*) winbox - removed spare values from "loop-protect" setting for EoIPv6 tunnels;
*) winbox - removed unnecessary "/system health" menu on "hAP ac lite" and "RB450"
*) winbox - show "A" flag for IPSec policies;
*) wireless - reduced load on CPU for high speed wireless links;.

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